Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Alchemy!

Welcome to the condensed Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Alchemy. If you would prefer to read this issue as a singular PDF please click here: Alchemy Spring-Summer 2016

We hope that either you’re enjoying your vacation as you read, that you’re back to work and feeling recharged from your recent vacation, or that you’ve got some vacation coming up soon!

As always, we hope you can take a minute to catch up with all the goings-on of your colleagues in these pages, and that the energy, ambition, and achievements of your peers will inspire you to remember yet again what a special place Sheridan is, and what special people FHASS brings together.

This issue marks the beginning of our transition to a new, institutionally consistent (we’ve been saying “Sheridanized”) online format and layout. Starting in Fall 2016, the newsletter will have a new look, a new layout, and a new web address, which will house new issues as well as an archive of all previously published content since the newsletter’s inception. Stay tuned for details.

 As ever, please consult the ‘Submissions’ tab on our webpage for specific details and dates around submitting to all of our sections, even as we transition to our new format. Keep your news, ideas, and articles coming!

— Owen Percy, Jennifer Phenix, and Glenn Clifton


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